Feng Shui principles to keep in mind for the new company established

Wed 14/12/2016 | 09:18 GMT+7

Feng shui principles in the office is one of the first factors to note the establishment of the company to help finance and business development tactics stable. Therefore, the establishment of new businesses should pay attention to the following principles.

Phong thủy văn phòngIn the Office space must always kept neat, tidy and clean. Photo illustrations

Feng Shui of good working office environment will promote the business and bring in profits for businesses. On the contrary, if the Office is not good Feng Shui layout would make the business unprofitable business, can even lead to bankruptcy.

If you are building an Office from scratch or search for places to rent, then my advice is to look for the Office to have the rooms have standard shapes such as rectangles or squares. Any other unusual shapes such as triangles, curved, take the corner are expressly avoided.

Should always keep the Office space clean, tidy and neat, no stench.

Water is an important factor in Feng Shui Office: aquariums, fountains or Feng Shui LUN if put in the right position will promote very large maximum for the company. The location of the water which also need to keep clean.

The main door, window and balcony must be cleaned regularly. Because this is where the receiving Office should not be so dirty, messy, indiscriminately, in that area. Not a few people used the balcony as the warehouse in Feng Shui, this is very bad.

The staircase near the front door (inside or outside) is also noteworthy. issues You should avoid in an Office with stairs inside or immediately outside the front door. In the case of stairs go down, you will have difficulty accumulating wealth. Also if the stairs go up, easy to cause instability in personnel.

Besides, the location of the toilet is also very important. If the toilet is located in the Palace of the building or the Office then this will hinder the growth of your business. In the case of compelled in one place so that you keep clean and always use the door automatically closes. The better off is closed and do not use it.

Absolutely should not put the Director's desk opposite the toilet. Please use the desk made from wood is the best, avoid using tables made from metal. In particular, should not arrange the desktop in under of horizontal or chandeliers as so will limit the rise in jobs. The desk should be positioned parallel to the wall and should not put the cross or the front window.

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